ThePoshGirlsClub Virtual Summit 2020

Learn. Connect. Build.





It doesn’t matter what you want to create or pursue. You can do it. We live by the belief that anything is possible with enough determination. That is the power of the human spirit - that is the power of passion. We want to empower and equip you to make your own dreams come to life. 

Are you ready to do the work?



Create a clear strategy + plan of action for your business.

We're re-defining the way brands do business. Marketing is dead. ThePoshGirlsClub is set to create a new leadership role in marketing, brand positioning, and driving sales conversions. 

We're developing industry standards for e-commerce and social selling - with our own unique methodologies for how we've leveled the playing field for start-ups over the last several years. Our goal is to help small brands compete in markets on a grand scale. 

We want to see you win. Period.




Connect. Dream. Grow.

No more playing it small.

You're invited to a very unique, intimate gathering to join in this collaborative effort.

The spaces are invite only, and reserved for those who are serious about leveling up themselves and their companies in 2020.

You're not just another number.

As we embark on 2020, trailblazing and preparing to take over as leaders in our space, we'll begin preparing you for the Mastermind inside of our Elite Coaching course.

Once we begin the event, you'll already have a clear understanding of key pillars from our Success Framework, and a supportive team all around you to help set you up for success. 


You've been playing it safe for too long. Waiting for moving parts to align. Watching from the sidelines waiting for your turn...

Over the years, we've watched women in similar scenarios struggle to position themselves and their products successfully. Each one needed the elements to create the unique combination of "magic" to step into their greatness.


We're talking...

Positioning your brand. Clearly setting a standard for your business model. Outlining a scalable business plan that aligns with YOUR lifestyle.

  • Learn to build a business based on the highest standards of integrity + authenticity
  • Create your unique space for thought leadership in your market
  • Create scalable systems that automate your business with ease
  • Work smarter vs. harder; more time and creativity in your day
  • Learn to connect your business to essential players who will scale your business. 

We have a very limited number of growth-minded + success oriented people for this event and program. If you're ready to create an influence and impact while making the income you always dreamed of, it's time to start doing. Apply to attend this life changing in person, invite only, exclusive event and coaching program below!


Can't make this event? Get updates on all of our events, including New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Bali!

Don't miss out on our transformative in person events - it's a new decade, and time for new mindsets and moves! 


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