Tori Torres, Founder + CEO

When it comes to brand building, Tori Torres is undeniably the expert you’ll want on your side. Armed with a Business Degree + member of Delta Mu Delta International Business Honors Society, as well as a Certificate in Digital Marketing, she's a successful serial entrepreneur who thrives on helping other women create systems in their e-commerce businesses.

She's partnered with and designed for many the biggest Icons of this decade; Beyonce', Rihanna, The Diane von Furstenberg Fashion House, Taylor Swift, The Kardashians, & Paris Hilton to name a few. She's collaborated on projects with Gary Vaynerchuck, Project Runway, VH1, BravoTV, The GRAMMY's, VH1, BET, & AMA's. As well as BravoTV & many of their Housewives. 
She's been featured as one of less than 17 companies included at Exclusive luxury events such as The GRAMMY's, BET Awards, VH1 & MTV Awards. Now Tori shares her knowledge & blueprints from over 17 years in business with the roadmap for you to get there.  

When serialpreneur Tori Torres acknowledged how lonely the way to the top can be for most businesswomen just starting out on their entrepreneurial journeys, she had a brilliant idea: to take on the role of a life + business coach, share her experiences, and offer encouragement to like-minded ladies through her exclusive online community, The Posh Girls Club. The results of her efforts have already made an impact on women from across the globe, who have joined The Posh Girls Club in hoards after having primarily discovered it through its thriving Instagram page.

Succeeding in its founders’ goals to empower female entrepreneurs, The Posh Girls Club is a treasure trove of knowledge, as well as a source of strength and inspirations for its community members, who Ms. Torres affectionately calls an “aggressively supportive global girl gang”. Ms. Torres draws from her 17-years of experience and life lessons from sitting at the helm of her numerous successful entrepreneurial ventures to offer The Posh Girls Club’s “girl gang ” no-holds-barred advice and a host of applicable strategies which bring about tangible business growth. Her candid and relatable manner, combined with her firsthand understanding of the subjects at hand, as well as her sincere interest in seeing her fellow women succeed, have made Ms. Torres a beloved figure among The Posh Girls Club and beyond, seeing as her calendar is filled with requests for one-on-one coaching sessions and speaking engagements.
“ThePoshGirlsClub is where fierce female entrepreneurs go to create thriving brands. We are driven to change the standard for women and income earning potential, and show them the way to lasting financial freedom” said Ms. Torres. “We believe in “WiFi & a Dream, baby”, because that’s what it takes to make it in the digital era – along with your drive, some resources + direction, and some nudging from other women who are in a similar position. This is where ThePoshGirlsClub comes in to fill in the role of teacher and bestie. We welcome new members daily who are excited about their futures, and we help them to create an impact, doing what they are most passionate about, while making an income.”


I help my clients build AH-MAZING brands

And I'd love to help you, too.


Need one time help? We can cover Branding, Content Creation, Marketing Plan, Growth-Hacking, Blogging...all things business building! Book a 60 minute strategy session here!


My clients get results...

I have very specific strategies that I use to help my clients reach the brands + celebrities that will help them to enhance their business reach + clout. As seen here, one of my long term clients followed the strategies I teach to reach the perfect Iconic Influencer + Icon for her business - who now wears her accessories at in-person events, in photos and trunk shows in conjunction with the biggest fashion brands in existence, and on billboards across the globe. 


Since 2002...

I've been creating beautiful, profitable brands. Of course, it began with my first company, PoshLifeBling; a company that I started in my living room as a Stay at Home Mami, wanting to create a source of income and build something of my own.

I took that company...

And built to where I was able to work with the most ICONIC celebrities + brands, most of whom sought out my company for products and/or collaborations, including the DVF Fashion House, Project Runway, Bravo TV + their Housewives, Rihanna, The Kardashians, Queen Bey, and many more.

I get results.

Just as I've worked with the most ICONIC celebrities of the past decade...Working with my committed clients, I've helped them reach the ICONIC brands that are perfect for their businesses. 

New York style Icon @Iris.Apfel in @Etniciti 


Our Mission + Purpose

Who we help, how we help them.

The PGC is a diverse community of female entrepreneurs (and aspiring), inclusive by age, culture, identity, and walks of life. 

Current and aspiring entrepreneurs who are busy with daily lives, but are unfulfilled and want to create methods to monetize their zone of genius.

ThePoshGirlsClub gives you the tools and resources to create financial freedom through implementing systems that help you do the heavy lifting in your business.

Whether ...

  • You're making the transition into entrepreneurship
  • You're currently developing a business, in need of help structuring the daily operations so you can reach new customers
  • You're looking to scale your current business

1. We help you create more time to be the creative in your business by setting up automations that power your business

2. We help you with your Brand Strategy, including:

  • Creating your visually appealing brand identity
  • Developing your USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Creating your content strategy for thought leadership and audience growth-hacking

With 17 years of experience of entrepreneurship, you're in the right place. When I first began building an e-commerce business back in 2002, there were no communities or tutorials, coaches, or business strategists to help navigate the path of online business. This was a completely new concept. My grass roots work in this industry helped create the blueprint for the future of e-commerce entrepreneurs! My work over the last 17+ years are strategies many talk about, while I've been on the ground, developing successful, influential, and successful brands. I have the years of expertise that can help you, too.


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