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Uncategorized Dec 12, 2019

This is been a most exciting year for ThePoshGirlsClub...

I've had insane growth within the community...watched my girls go from homeless to 3d printing and getting offers from corporations to buy their product concepts. Seen them spend their last dollars to join me at Masterminds to turn that into cash flow...and build to become partners here with me in various capacities. It's been one incredible journey, and I'm so humbled that I got to play even a small part in any of this...

Considering this is our second year, it’s been bigger than I ever could have expected. Inside of our Socialite Society, I hear stories all the time of women struggling to build their businesses and find success in building those businesses right out of the gate.

Yet, this is something I have been able to do repeatedly inside of my business while helping those inside of our community achieve these results. But, what I don’t want people to think about business building is that it’s simple.

There is nothing simple about getting people to pull out their credit cards and pay you.

Especially if you are someone they have never heard of or are you are just starting out or it’s not your mom or your aunt showing up to fund you.

This is why I have decided on a new structure and direction this year coming for ThePoshGirlsClub.

There are so many people out in these Instagram streets telling you how more followers equates to more dollars.

And honestly, even targeted followers don’t always convert...because there are so many options...

So how do you build a business with people willing to take out their credit cards or hit their PayPal button or stripe to give you their hard earned money?

That is what I am pivoting to in 2020. If we go back many years to the year 2002…

It was the first year I officially started PoshLifeBling.

And that is the very first year that I made $119,000 in revenue.

✅ I had never run an e-commerce business, never sold products online, and honestly was just following my instincts when it came to selling products.

✅ I didn’t need social media because there wasn’t any.

✅ There was no one there to tell me how to sell my products.

But I had innate qualities and strategies that I used to connect with my audience.

So by the time Myspace came around, I decided to use that platform to bring those strategies that I was using over the phone or in person at events to sell via social media.

Then came Instagram. But the emphasis that I want you to take away is that before there was Myspace or Instagram, I was making a six-figure income selling my products with some very distinct strategy.

It’s that strategy that made me successful.

So by the time I Instagram came along, I was able to enhance what I’d learned selling by escalating that via social media.

It was never social media that made me popular or sell into six figures.

That is what I want to teach in 2020.

It is so easy to get caught up in" gurus" and strategies about building your Instagram account and paying people hundreds and thousands of dollars to do so.

But what I want to teach and share in the coming year and beyond is how to build a successful brand with or without social media.

The key elements that I used to build and monetize right away are the key elements for longevity in business (I mean, I'm rolling up on 20 years at this e-commerce thing, ijs).

So no matter what happens with social media or web platform is the "it" platform of the moment… Your business can thrive.

No matter if you have 100 followers or 1 million, your business can thrive.

And no matter if you look like an Instagram model, or you don’t… Your business can thrive.

That is the journey we are embarking on in 2020. And I hope that you’ll go with me.

That journey begins this Sunday as we start our New Year, New Goals free workshop and begin to strategically plan for the next chapter in e-commerce business + coaching.


Join here + I'll see you soon!

XX, Tori 



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